New Delhi: The ‘God of cricket’ Sachin Tendulkar turns 40 on Wednesday. Master blaster’s achievements are so big that there is virtually no record which has not been broken by him. No wonder that he is adored by fans across the world.

But, the lady who resides in Sachin’s heart is none other than his wife Anjali. His love story is nothing short of a super show.

Love At First Sight

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar fell in love with Anjali Tendulkar in the first meeting itself. The love birds exchanged glances for the first time at Mumbai airport when cricket’s prodigy was returning from his first England tour. Sachin immediately fell in love with Anjali who was six years older to him. The impact of first meeting was so big in nature that he decided to make her his life partner. Sachin finally got married to Anjali in 1995.

Anjali Was Clueless About Sachin’s Stardom

When Sachin met Anjali for first time at Mumbai Airport in 1990, Anjali failed to recognize the young cricketer. Anjali told that she never followed cricket before meeting the master blaster. Later on, Anjali read a lot about cricket to develop her understanding. Sachin and Anjali took ample time to understand each other before taking the decision of marriage.  

Sachin Breaks Into Hospital To Meet Anjali

After the first meeting at airport, Sachin got impatient and wanted to meet Anjali again. Sachin shared his excitement with fellow cricketer and close buddy Vinod Kambli. Both of them planned to meet Anjali. At that time, medico Anjali was doing internship in a Delhi hospital. Sachin faked himself to be a patient in an effort to meet Anjali. Since then, both of them started seeing each other.

Sachin With Moustache

Sachin used fake moustache to go for a movie with his soul mate Anjali. Anjali revealed about this in an interview that they were planning to see the movie Roza with friends but visiting cinema hall was difficult as Sachin was a huge star by then.
Nobody recognized Sachin in that attire till the first half but his fans identified him in the second half of the movie and rushed to take his autograph. Anjali told that they were not able to complete the movie.

Anjali, Mentor Of Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar had once told in an interview that his wife Anjali is like a mentor to him and his kids. Whenever someone asks Sachin about the age gap between both of them, he replies that she always motivates him.  On a lighter note, Sachin also revealed that he fears Anjali’s temper.


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