“I have been repeatedly given life threat. I am being compelled to resign from my constitutional post, which I will not do,” she said.
“My life is under threat. A woman’s life is under threat. Will the government save me? she asked in Rajya Sabha.

AIADMK’s Pushpa first rushed into the Well of the House to get permission to make her statement and then broke down several times as she said she faced "life threat" from state government and alluded to her being slapped by a "leader".

She however did not make it clear who slapped her and when. Raising the issue, she said "If an MP is being slapped by a leader, where is human dignity," provoking strong protest from members of her own party AIADMK. She was sacked by AIADMK chief and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on her fight with DMK’s Rajya Sabha member Tiruchi Silva on Saturday at Delhi Airport.

The party said that she was sacked for bringing ill fame to it. In a brief statement, Jayalalithaa said that Pushpa was being expelled from all party posts, including primary membership, as she had acted in violation of the party principles and ethics. "Her behaviour has brought great disrepute to the party," she said.

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Jayalalithaa asked party supporters not to have any truck henceforth with the Thoothukudi based Rajya Sabha MP. Deputy Chairman PJ Kurien said the Chairman was custodian of all members of the House and he will protect her too.

He, however, asked her not to mention anyone's name who cannot come to the House to defend himself or herself.

Earlier, there was uproar in the Upper House over Sasikala Pushpa’s fight with Tiruchi Silva.
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