Allahabad: A sadhu about to take 'samadhi' at the ongoing Maha Kumbh in Allahabad, for raising awareness about issues like atrocities against women, was prevented from burying himself alive by administration this morning.

Swami Shyamanand Saraswati was physically removed by police and other administrative officials from the proposed site of his 'samadhi' and a nine-feet-by-nine-feet pit, which he had got dug up for the purpose, was filled with mud.

As per the sadhu's plans, after performing puja, he was to enter the pit and lie there for nine days after his supporters covered him with three-feet-thick layer of mud.

Saraswati claims to be a 'naga' sadhu and moves about wearing only a loincloth and matted hair with ash smeared on his body, even though he does not belong to any of the 'akharas' of ascetics.

He has claimed that in the past, he has taken 'samadhi' as many as 11 times, mostly in places like Vrindavan and Haridwar. The sadhu had claimed that his proposed feat was aimed at raising awareness about rising atrocities against women, pollution in the river Ganga and the need for world peace.


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