Bhopal: In wake of the presence of tigers been noticed in the adjoining areas of the state capital, urgent measures need to be taken to ensure safety of the big cats in the region, a noted environmentalist has said.

Environmentalist Pankaj Chaturvedi said he has written to NTCA member Rajesh Gopal drawing attention that the forest department had noticed the movement of tigers in the Kervan,
Kaliasot and Kolar Dam forest areas and the Kathoutia range adjoining Bhopal for the last two years.
He also expressed concern that no measure was taken to ensure safety of the big cats, as a result of which a tiger lost his life at poachers' hands in June this year.

In September, a cub died after getting caught in a trap set by poachers. Forest officials have put up display boards to warn people in the area about presence of tigers, but according to
Chaturvedi, the department's efforts to push the animals back
into core forest areas had failed so far.

Chaturvedi requested the National Tiger Conservation Authority to take urgent steps in this regard.


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