, an online store that sells products related to safety, offers the following products:

- Pee safe: It is a toilet seat sanitizer spray that cleanses, deodorizes and sanitizes the toilet seat and ensures protection against 99.9 percent of diseases that can cause an infection.

- Pepper sprays: Especially for women, these sprays can immobilise multiple attackers at a time.

- Life straw personal water filter: It contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out. It features a high flow rate. It can be carried around for easy access to safe and clean drinking water.

- Resqme car rescue tool: It is a unique and portable tool with a detachable clip that can be attached to your keychain. It has a spring loaded stainless steel spike that allows trapped occupants to easily break side windows. There is also a concealed stainless steel razor blade that can slice through a jammed seat belt to help people escape from a trapped vehicle.


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