Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has been mandated by the government to secure more than 130 stations of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in the national capital region.

According to a survey conducted by DMRC recently, commuters were asked to rate the security, safety, alertness, frisking and behavioural subjects related to the security personnel and their duties in the mass rapid transport of Delhi.

"97 percent commuters rated the security and safety in Delhi Metro as satisfactory. However, 2 percent of the commuters thought that improvement is required in the level of security," the survey stated.

The survey was done for 18 days between July 3-21 and a sample size of 11,000 commuters and travelers was taken for tabulating the results across various Metro stations.

With regard to the behaviour of CISF personnel, whose public interface is largely with regard to frisking of commuters and scanning their baggage, the survey found while 25 percent people found it was good or satisfactory, 34 percent found it very good and 28 percent reported it to be excellent. "95 percent of the commuters said 'yes' to the alertness of CISF security staff and out of these, 80 percent rated alertness level of security personnel between excellent and good. However, 5 percent felt that further improvement is required," it said.

The commuters were also asked to share their experiences about frisking. "89 percent of Delhi Metro commuters were satisfied with the time taken in frisking. However, 10 percent of the commuters felt the time taken in frisking requires improvement. 3.2 percent of Delhiites also felt that frisking done by CISF requires improvement," it added.

CISF, keeping in mind the large public interfaces in the Delhi Metro network, has been running a number of behavioural improvement and skill management courses for its personnel even as it is publicizing its helpline number 011-22185555 for commuters and women in distress in Delhi Metro.

The force has deployed over 4,000 men and women for security duties at the Metro stations at present.


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