I happened to study in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and I had undoubtedly a marvelous time with Sathya Sai Baba. I personally feel indebted to his grace and blessings that he had showered on me and my family members when we were facing many challenges in life. Not being hyperbolic in expression of the facts, I sincerely feel Sai Baba has accomplished praiseworthy mission by establishing schools and higher educational institution where admissions are taken on merit basis and the policy of ‘Free Education to All’ is precisely implemented irrespective of students’ status.

The dress code ‘white in white’ strengthens the policy of ‘equality to all’ and all the students studying in his institution feel equally treated. I remember, discipline and strictness with rules in college and hostel premises were hardly compromised. Getting up early in the morning and chanting vedic hymns along Omkaram had made our lives more regulated and it had in fact, scientific or positive effect on our minds throughout.

Being quite discreet, I always admired majestic look of Sai Baba who never resembled like any other saint or seer and he had such bewitching smile that charmed his devotees. Frankly speaking, many devotees never had any access to Baba, nor talked to him any time but it is a gift of the nature and boon of the almighty that their prayers were answered time and again. It is said ‘seeing is believing’ and I have personally seen vibhuti and droplets of honey splashed on photographs of Baba or even other deities during the bhajan session, how did it happen cannot be explained scientifically but this is for sure that it was not any kind of trick as this had happened in my house also.

I do not go by the fact that how many followers he has and how many times he created articles like chains, rings and any similar items but I would like to draw your attention he had a healing touch and his soft and sweet tone made many people gain confidence in them that God like person is with them. He never demanded from common devotees to contribute for the Ashram nor he promoted any cult rather he was more emphatic on secularism or respect for all religions. Interestingly, people from different sects and countries have more or less experiences with Sai Baba and they have also promoted his thoughts and rendered services to needy, it does say that Sai Baba must have impressed them at large.  In this self-centric age when people do not spare a single pie, it is a complete surrender and sacrifice of thousands and  lakhs of devotees who have contributed to make 40,000 Crore empire of Sai Baba Trust, undoubtedly it is their trust in HIM alone.

This is a human tendency whatever good happens we name it our luck and if something goes wrong we have ample of doubts. We must appreciate good that has taken place due to someone or one’s support. Nobody has seen God but it cannot be denied that God like persons have descended to earth in different fields and they have surely comforted us from our miseries more on mental level than else as I believe, humans are often weak on this account and they need some support to lean on.

Keeping all controversies aside, I have lots of liking for music and I sincerely say that bhajans sung at Sai Baba’s ashram can lead anyone to ecstasy and their soothing effect has been more emphatic and profound when Sai Baba himself swings to the tune in graceful manner and captivating gesture.