Saif Ali Khan says that he shares a deep connect with the country. With over 50 Hindi movies filmed in Britain, mostly themed around romance, the destination provides a perfect setting for couples to celebrate love and romance whilst on holiday, and this is the focus of the 'Bollywood Britain' campaign.

Aimed at honeymooners and couples seeking a romantic getaway, the campaign highlights different movie locations featured in some of the most popular Bollywood blockbusters, starring actors such as Saif in films like "Cocktail" and "Love Aaj Kal".

"My family and I have a deep connection with Britain that spans everything from cricket to culture and education. A number of family holidays across Britain, watching my father and grandfather play cricket at famous cricketing grounds like the Lords, and of course studying there, has created a bond for me with the place that is unlike my relationship with any other country.”

"I think there is so much that Britain has to offer a visitor - from breathtaking countryside, to shared history; the finest in culture that's so interwoven with our own in many ways, food to thrill any gourmet, theatre, museums, music, festivals and more. This is why Bollywood has so favoured Britain as a destination and the itinerary that takes visitors on a route of Bollywood's location favorites is sure to delight," Saif said.

Therefore, the need to create bespoke campaigns that appeal to the Indian visitors is a priority for VisitBritain.

The 'Bollywood Britain' campaign, showcasing romance, enables Indian visitors to discover and explore more of Britain including the cities and countryside locations.

"At VisitBritain, we are delighted to have Saif as our spokesperson for the campaign. His films set in Britain, particularly in the romantic genre, have inspired many Bollywood fans and as a frequent visitor to Britain, Saif is a genuine and passionate advocate of the destination," VisitBritain's regional manager Ramanathan said.



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