Mumbai: She may not be known as a style diva but while in Guwahati, for an event to promote fashion from the “neglected” states of North-East, Soha Ali Khan sounds thrilled. As an ambassador to the region’s fashion, she’d be part of several workshops too. We caught up with Soha to know about her films, family and the future.

Your upcoming film with Shreyas Talpade is apparently stuck…

Yes it is and I feel bad about it. What else can I do? (Pause) But having worked in films that never released, what I like more is the idea of going to work everyday and enjoying myself with people on the sets. I love the process of making a film more than the final product.

Does Saif Ali Khan play a role in the scripts you choose?

As an elder brother, he provides me privileged insights into my work, life, relationship and much more. However, talking about my career, he doesn’t have much of a say. In fact, he hasn’t even watched any of my films. He has seen just half of Soundtrack (smiles).

And how is Kareena Kapoor as sister-in-law?

She is how she was for the past five years. She’s lovely and I have immense respect for her as she has two main focuses in her life — one is work and the other is my brother. And she’s balancing both of them pretty well.

Do you think actresses in Bollywood have it tough?

I think actresses are far more hard-working and ready to take risks. Actors, on the other hand, are somewhat limited to the demands of their fans and stick to the persona the public wants to see them in.

And how do you rate yourself as an actress?

I’ve definitely improved a lot. If you compare my act in my debut film — in which I was terrible — you’ll notice change. I’ve learnt to relax, breathe and get a sense of where the camera is. People think Rang De Basanti was my best performance but frankly, it isn’t. It was a huge movie but I’ve done better work since.

Is it a conscious decision to be involved in social awareness causes?

I don’t believe it’s compulsory just because you’re from the film industry. Besides, Bollywood actors shouldn’t be role models. We have a tendency in this country to draw values from cinema but isn’t it a bit ridiculous? Actors are meant to break rules on the big screen and the personalities we showcase normally defy social order. Your parents or teachers make better role models!

Is wedding on the cards this year?

I don’t think so. I have a very bad memory so I don’t live in the past and I don’t fancy the future. I just live in the present and to answer your question, I’m not getting married today. (Laughs)


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