Mumbai: Not many know that Saif Ali Khan likes shining his shoes with champagne! The Nawab of Pataudi surely lives upto his title.

He says, “I like cleaning my shoes myself as I find it therapeutic. I really love nice shoes and my favourite brands are Berluti and John Lobb and to keep them shining, you can use a little bit of champagne sometimes.”

But he is not high-handed, he says, “I am a little impatient but I am not brash. It’s nice to make money and it’s nice to be a big star. But I am really becoming more and more humble about things now.” Saif is meanwhile excited about the new genre of movie he has tried in his recent release. He says, “This movie was a very satisfying creative experience. I enjoy being a producer tremendously along with acting.

The fact that the movie is being endorsed by viewers is a huge bonus. The directors brought the cameramen from Europe and even that sort of little globalisation is very exciting rather than meeting the same people and doing the same sort of thing.”