Gopichand, who is credited for the rise of both Saina and Sindhu, said the duo should not be looked as rivals but as a pair, who can take Indian badminton to new heights.
"It should always be Saina and Sindhu rather than who amongst the two is better. As a combination, as a pair, both of them can exchange notes at the end of each match. Both of them can benefit from each other's experience and it gives positive for Indian badminton," Gopichand told reporters.
"Overall it is a very good development for Indian badminton that we have two players in the top 10 and both of them competing gets much better for Indian badminton than one player playing," he added.
Talking about the Saina-Sindhu match, the former All England champion said: "It will be very interesting to see their perspective. It will be a clash of brains, it will be a clash of styles and it will be physical power to power exchanges and the mindset as well. It will be an interesting challenge.
"Both are young. (We) wish they will go onto play for a long time for the country. It will be a good match. Saina is at a different level. She has been in the top 5 consistently in the last four years.
"Now for the first time Sindhu has reached top 10. Both are at different levels. We will get to see more of their contests in future. Last time Saina beat Sindhu (21-19 21-8). It is a different atmosphere as it is the finals. I am sure it will be good entertainment for the fans," he added.


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