New Delhi: Narendra Damodarbhai Modi is undoubtedly the most preferred face for the Prime Ministerial post as per the BJP workers are concerned but there are also several other sections of the society that have joined the “Modi for PM” chorus.

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The Hindu saints who have gathered in Allahabad for the auspicious occasion of ‘Maha Kumbh’ have been mobilising support in order to project Modi as the next Prime Ministerial candidate.

The saints are of the view that Hindu religion and culture can be protected only under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

Notably religion and politics are some of the topics discussed during their congregations in Mahakumbh.

Swami Bisweshwaranand Maharaj of Sanyas Ashram revealed plans to create a favourable environment in support of Narendra Modi. Hindu saints and related organizations have been discussing Modi’s candidature for PM since last two years.

A major section of Hindu saints have in fact asked RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat to back Modi as BJP’s Prime ministerial candidate.


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