Director of 'Sairat', Nagraj Manjule might be enjoying his moment under the sun, but it looks like his past has come back to haunt him.

The filmmaker's wife, Sunita Manjule, who parted ways with him two years ago, has opened up about the abuse, neglect and abandonment she had to endure during their marriage. In a chat with hitlist, she tells us that she wants the money he promised to give her when he does "financially well in life".

Sunita says, "I have spent 15 years of my life with him and looked after his family. I had to endure a lot of domestic abuse as well. When we got divorced, he only paid R 7 lakh to me as alimony and promised to pay more when he does well. We (my family and I) are not well educated so we agreed to sign the papers. But now since he is doing well for himself, I feel that I should get my share."

Sunita and her parents tried to get in touch with the National Award winning director, but in vain.

"During the trial too, he did not turn up for any meetings. We are not speaking about the issue only for money. I don't have kids and have been working as a housemaid. I have decided that I will not re-marry, and hence want him to give me some money so that I am not dependant on anyone. He has earned crores of rupees from his last film and will be able to give me the money he promised now."

She further adds, "My lawyer took one lakh from me so I barely got Rs 6 lakh. Initially we wanted Rs 50 lakh and he declined the request and said he will give us more money later. I am not doing anything for publicity. I just feel that if I will speak about it now, I will be able to send the message across to him. I have no money to fight a case and we don't understand anything about these legal cases."

Courtesy: Mid Day

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