"The new 11 floor high tower will add to about 370 beds to our current inventory of 230 beds. The project is likely to be completed by the end of 2017," Singapore-based BK Modi, chairman, Saket City Hospital said.

"The current steps taken by the government like increase the FAR (floor-area-ratio) and the proposed foreign direct investments into domestic manufacturing in to domestic manufacturing are encouraging," said Modi.

Modi further said that the secret to meaningful, successful and healthy life demand incorporation of 'preventive' rather than curative strategies which converge to aim for constitutes a 'optimally' healthy, happy and better way of living which is Smart Living.

"Smart Living will support research and development (R&D) in a big way where latest technologies like Stem Cell Therapy, Genomic sequencing, natrual medicines, nutrigenomics, metabolomics and like will be researched in an Indian context," Modi said.

The hospital added that it was encouraged by the government steps like increasing the the FAR limit for public utilities like hospitals.

"India has the lowest number of hospital beds in terms of a developing number. With the increase in population and lack of investments in public care centres or hospitals this number is expected to grow tremendously," Dr Garima Singh, chief executive of Saket City Hospital, said.

"The total investment is for erecting the physical infrastructure for the 370-odd beds, rest of the cost for state-of-the-art equipment and medical machinery is extra,” she said.

The new tower full-fills all the requirements under the new FAR guidelines."Under the new Master Plan 2021, new buildings can be taller - going up to 14 to 16 floors - if builders are able to set up an effluent treatment plant so as to not choke up the sewerage system, put up solar panels and build underground parking space,” Singh added.

Garima Singh added that the hospital was also recruiting world renowned Indian medical professionals in the US and Britain who want to return to India.

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