New Delhi:What has come as surprising news for all is that sale of national flags and Gandhi topis during Anna agitation broke all past records. In Delhi alone national flags registered a bumper sale of 2.50 lakhs between August 16 and August 28 while topis were sold like hot cakes. These items were so much in demand that shopkeepers were busy from dawn to dusk to meet the ever growing demand.

Generally national flags are very much in demand during national festivals whereas flags of political parties are sold like hot cakes during elections. But turning away from the trend, national flags and caps became a rage during Anna’s agitation so much so that it turned out to be a challenging task for the shopkeepers to manage the thronging crowd asking for Anna topi.
There are 150 businessmen in Sadar Bazaar,the largest wholesale market of Delhi, where national flags and caps including badges and other things used by political parties during elections are prepared round the year and sent to other cities of the country.

According to Pawan Kumar,president of Shopkeepers Association, Sadar Bazaar, as soon as the news of Anna’s arrest spread, sale of national flags and caps peaked up abruptly.

According to an estimate,about four lakh caps were sold during Anna agitation which stretched up to 12 days. And the most remarkable fact is that the caps with words ‘I am Anna’ inscribed were sold like hot cakes.

JPN\ Bureau