New Delhi: Will Salman never find his love, is he destined to remain a bachelor boy throughout his life? In the past, Salman has been used umpteen times by so many women in the industry to enhance their careers, yet when it has come to taking the final decision between the hearth and the heart, they have only left him bleeding in the heart.

This time, it was a Romanian who had won over Salman’s heart, so much so that Salman even invited her over to stay with his parents. Apparently the buzz is that his new lady love, Lulia Vantur is already married. It turns out that the Romanian actress has already exchanged rings with Grammy Nominee musician Marris Moga.

There are also rumours that Lulia is already married, some say both were in a relationship and had a break-up later.  Another story doing the rounds is that both later came together and are actually married now. However, Lulia has not yet let out anything on this.

Lulia has been staying with Salman’s parents for the past three months. This will give you an idea how close the two must have been. Salman seems to have had big hopes on the marriage front from Lulia. Both could be frequently seen on the streets of Mumbai together. Unfortunately, when it comes to tying the knot, it seems, lady luck is never on Salman’s side. Where will Salman go from here, it is anybody’s guess.