Let's have a look at few of the humorous tweets and posts making rounds on social networking sites.

1. Donald Duck ‏@WatDaDuck tweeted

Q. Why Salman Khan's laptop can't read his USB drive?
A. Because Windows can't find a suitable driver.

2. Faking News ‏@fakingnews

Inspired by Salman’s driver, Deepika’s driver takes full responsibility for 'My Choice' video

3. QueenBee ‏@vaidehisachin

Don't be surprised if Salman Khan's #HITAndRUN Victims confess that they committed suicide on road side.

4. RushdieExplainsIndia ‏@RushdieExplains

Alcohol to sue Indian media for defamation in Salman Khan case.

5. Faking News ‏@fakingnews

Salman Khan to hire one of his fans from Twitter as lawyer for criminal cases against him

6. Keh Ke Peheno ‏@coolfunnytshirt

Meanwhile, other celebs of bollywood to their drivers "Seekho s***o! Wafadari seekho Salman ke driver se!"

7. ‏@Atheist_Krishna

Judge: Gaadi kaun chala raha tha?
Salman's Driver: Main
Judge: Gaadi ke kis taraf baithe the?
Salman's Driver: Left pe

8. God Particle ‏@Gott_Partikel

Girls, if you want to drive Salman Bhai crazy, be his driver.

9. Keh Ke Peheno ‏@coolfunnytshirt  

Salman's driver so honest, he should join AAP.

10. m t h n ‏@Being_Humor

Disappointed to know that person who performed train crossing stunt in Kick was Salman's driver and not Salman bhai himself.



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