Mumbai: Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif will soon be going back to college. Never mind it if it is only for a film! The prestigious Trinity College in Dublin has granted director Kabir Khan the permission to shoot his film Ek Tha Tiger within their premises.

There is one catch though they've insisted the actors enroll themselves for real in a class or two!

Says a source, "Trinity College is not a star-struck educational institution, and they're certainly not impressed with Bollywood. Kabir had to personally guarantee that the crew would be absolutely unobtrusive, and that the unit would be kept to a bare minimum."

The same source adds, "Furthermore, he had to assure them that Katrina and Salman would spend time in an orientation exercise so that they feel a sense of belonging. This would entail enrolling into a course temporarily."

Says Kabir, "When the question of shooting on a college campus in Europe came up, I didn't want the usual Oxford or Cambridge campus.I had been to Ireland to do a documentary on the Irish Republican Army strife in Belfast many years ago. So I'm familiar with the topography."

Apparently, he had to pull a lot of strings to make this happen.

On being probed further, Kabir reveals, "We are shooting in different countries, including Ireland and Istanbul. Contrary to rumours, Ek Tha Tiger is not a cerebral spy drama. It is as commercial as it gets."

Powerful role

The stunt directors of The Bourne Identity have been roped in to do Salman's action sequences. Also, Katrina's role is apparently almost as powerful as Salman's.

Though Kabir isn't revealing the plot, we've learnt she plays the woman in the life of a RAW agent who decides to take charge of their lives when she learns of her man's undercover operations.

As for Salman and Katrina, we hear the actors are delighted and proud to become students of one of the finest colleges in the world. The duo leaves for Dublin on August 10.