Mumbai: After a bad ride from London airport to reach her hotel, Katrina Kaif headed straight to where Salman Khan was staying, who then organised all her transport in the city.

Seems like no matter what ex-lovers Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are inseparable. They have broken up and all but whenever Kat needs help she always turns to Sallu first.

Case in point: When on her recent visit to London the actress had trouble reaching her hotel before the premiere of her film, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, predictably her ex beau cum best friend saved her day.

Troubles galore

Problems started for Katrina after she landed in London from Abu Dhabi where she had to attend a promotional event first.

The half hour drive extended to one-and-half hours and she had still no idea how far she was from the hotel.

Our source explains, "The driver of the car organised for her by Yash Raj Films turned out to be a novice who didn't know the roads well enough.After being driven around for an hour and a half, Katrina got so irritated that she called for a taxi service. And while waiting for the other cab to arrive, she also called Salman to apprise him of her situation." The actor was shooting for Kabir Khan's Ek Tha Tiger at that time.

Soon after the other taxi arrived, Katrina hauled her luggage and headed straight to a hotel in South Kensington, where Salman was staying, reveals our source. She requested Salman to organise a car for her with a chauffeur who knew the roads well.

It is learnt that when she reached her hotel later, the representatives of YRF were profusely apologetic for the inconvenience caused to her. "But Katrina had had enough and she was so upset that she didn't want to use any transport being arranged by YRF for her to get to the premiere venue," says our source.

Unfortunately for Kat, her troubles didn't end there. It seems the team of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan reached over an hour late for the premiere. And also, the premiere didn't go as well as they expected.

"Maybe it wasn't promoted very well, so naturally the movie's team was surprised that the crowd wasn't as huge as they had anticipated. Since they had reached late, they couldn't spend much time at the venue either because they had to catch a flight to Mumbai," informs our source.

Now Imran comes handy

However, by the time she reached the airport, the check-in counters for her return flight had closed. "Obviously, she wasn't too pleased with the way her day was going.," said our source, adding that fortunately for her, help came in the form of her co-actor Imran Khan.

"Although he was returning by another airline, Imran helped Katrina secure a reservation on Oman Air, with a stop-over at Muscat."

 It was earlier resported how it took Katrina 16 hours to reach Mumbai while her co-actors reached in under 10 hours (Hitlist, September 13).

 But at the end of it all, it's proof enough that whether in India or abroad, whenever she's in trouble, the first person Katrina calls is Salman, to bail her out.