Mumbai: Salman Khan may have ghost-directed his upcoming film Bodyguard. If you think the last three Salman Khan films Wanted, Dabangg and Ready had too many common elements, there's good reason for it.

The superstar has obviously deciphered the recipe for a perfect blockbuster, which he is now incorporating in every upcoming film. This extends to his latest film Bodyguard too.

The trailers may seem like a frame-to-frame remake of the original Malayalam film, but Salman has added some of his signature spice to the screenplay.

Says director Siddique, "Salman's image is very different from that of Dileep's who was the original protagonist in the Malayalam film. Dilip has a very boy-next-door image, but Salman obviously is anything but that. In fact, he was a little apprehensive of my ways since I belong to the South; he was very vocal about certain things he wanted in the film."

Apparently, the actor had discussions at length with the director on how to tweak the character to suit his image.
Adds Siddique, "He has contributed to action sequences and even the songs. He used to sit with me on the sets to decide the look of the scenes. He has good cinematic sense, so inputs were quite helpful."

So, would it be right to say he ghost-directed the film? "When you work with a superstar like him, you have to make certain changes. In fact, I am someone who tries to work around what the actor is comfortable with. I think it reflects in the film."

Well, there is no denying that it's a formula that has proved profitable for the superstar in the past.

And though they say too much of a good thing may not always work, with Salman Khan you can never say never.