Mumbai: Salman Khan was given special permission to film in high-security areas of New Delhi for his upcoming spy thriller 'Ek Tha Tiger’ that is normally out of bounds for most. The star was also given the nod to shoot in areas where government bureaucrats live. Instead of shooting at specially-erected sets, the makers of the film wanted to shoot with the star in authentic locations.

Says a source, “Special permission was sought from the government to shoot at these locations. As Salman’s character in Kabir Khan’s film is that of a special agent, the makers were keen to shoot in real environs where the agents work and live.”

Adds the source, “Special agents never reveal their identity and live a life of concealed character profiling. Salman wanted to blend into all these aspects for his screen role. Due to which these locations have been used in the film. Apart from shooting in the Parliament Street area, several scenes were also filmed in some government quarters.” Apparently as Sallu is the star of the film and after realising what the film was all about, permission was finally granted to film in some sensitive areas.

According to the film’s spokesperson, “Salman shot at real bureaucratic colonies in Delhi. The producers (Yash and Aditya Chopra) had to seek permission from the government as such high security locations of India are kept out of bounds for being captured on camera.”


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