Mumbai: While we know that Salman Khan has earned laurels for his work as an artist, it seems he wasn't too inclined towards the canvas during his student days.

However, during the shoot of Bodyguard at Symbiosis in Pune, the actor took an impromptu art class.
Salman, who plays a bodyguard to the film's lead heroine Kareena Kapoor, was taken by surprise during a lunch break one day.

"The students started asking him all sorts of questions about art," recalls our source, adding that it began when one guy asked what the actor did during his spare time to relax.

Our source further adds, "Salman said that painting took up most of his spare time as it also had a soothing effect on him.Then he proceeded to draw a sketch of Jesus on the blackboard with the colour chalks available in the classroom."

That's not all. "Then he also went on to talk at length about his interest in art and explained how he went about exploring himself as an artist.He was pleased that several students there loved art, and so he encouraged them to find time to indulge in their creative interests," says our source.

Towards the end, Kareena too joined in the interaction with the students.