Mumbai: Bollywood super star Salman Khan has decided to wear the uniform of his personal body guard Shera, to  promote his upcoming movie ‘Bodyguard’.

"Shera is his personal bodyguard. Being close to Salman, his (bodyguard's) name is used as a tag” Atul Agnihotri, the producer of ‘Bodyguard' said.

"There were many agencies who were vying to get Salman Khan to wear the uniform of their company. The companies were hard selling their uniforms, as it would have done wonders to their business if Salman was seen wearing their uniform," a reliable source said.

However, the kind hearted actor put his foot down to wear the uniform of his personal bodyguard Shera even though, people were ready to offer him money to the tune of Rs 7 crores, just to sport their uniform.