Mumbai: Salman Khan is completely in awe of Kashmir. Ever since the Bollywood superstar watched the trailers of Qasam Se Qasam Se (QSQS), he felt that the land of paradise has all the potential to be one of the best shooting locations in the world. Azim, who makes his debut in QSQS, looks up to him and the two share a thick bond of brotherhood.

In fact the star even made it a point to be with the debutant to watch the trailer. “It was while watching it that Salman noticed the beauty of Kashmir. In fact so impressed was he that he even told his brother Arbaaz Khan that the second schedule of Dabangg 2 should be shot there.This is also Salman’s way of promoting tourism to Kashmir. He wants not only Indians but also foreigners to visit the place. And shooting there is the best way to promote tourism,” said the source.

Says Azim, “Salman bhaijaan and I were just watching the trailers when he asked me where we had shot the film. I told him about Kashmir and ever since Bhaijaan wants to shoot there.If my film inspires people to shoot in Kashmir, I am happy. I am glad that filmmakers have begun to notice its worth. It’s like having gold in my own backyard and not knowing it. Thankfully, people have awakened to the place now. Qasam Se Qasam Se releases on June 15.