"What is going to happen to the verdicts. If you add five...five years it comes to 10-15 years. That is a big worry on my parents head...my head. It is a big one. It is not in magistrate court... it is in High Court. Whatever will be my life's journey after that... will take it," Salman said in an interview.
"After doing all this you have to do comedy, do 'Bigg Boss' but at the same time a sword is hanging on your head,you see parents reacting, and what they are going through," he added.
According to the 49-year-old actor, his work cannot save him from the verdict.
"The beauty of my job is no matter how much ever good you do, people are insensitive... romancing Sonam, dancing with Jacqueline, going to Poland shooting, earning Rs 600 crore... but they don't know how much we have (on our plate)...they say he has a case on him but he is enjoying.”
"All these things are totally against me... All my good work is totally against me when it comes to people responsible for signing the verdict," he said.
When asked if he believes in prayers and good wishes he said, "We will see the prayers, wishes. It is for people who believe in prayers. Yes I do (believe in prayers)... lot of people do believe and there are others who do not believe it. And those who have powers do not believe."
On work front, Salman is looking forward to the release of his next "Prem Ratan Dhaan Payo".

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