"Why should we apologise? Why should we discuss Emergency? Certain things happened. After that, people of India voted Smt. Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister. So, if we have to apologise, then people of India will also have to apologise...why did they elect her," the former External Affairs Minister said.

Khurshid added there was no need of going back into history as the government of the time did what it felt was necessary. "When people thought it was wrong, they voted us out of power. When they realised that the decision was right, they voted us back to power," Khurshid told reporters.

"I think that's a statement of history..that's a pronouncement of history. Nobody has to apologise for anything. And what difference that apology would make?" he cited when asked if Congress should apologise for Emergency.    

"I think there are many issues that are only relevant to what happened at that time. I could even ask the Opposition to apologise because they created a situation in which it became necessary to bring about the Emergency," Khurshid said. The Congress leader opined instead of 'keeping reviving history over and over again', all should look at the problems the country faces today.

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