The actor doesn’t want to embark on such trips because he thinks his fans get hurt by the hysteria which is created by his presence. A source close to the actor said, “Salman is not keen on city tours as managing the crowd becomes difficult and causes problems at times. Also, there have been times when a woman has been pushed and then people make an issue out it.”

This is also the first time the star will not be going to his hometown Indore to promote his film. When he was promoting his earlier release Jai Ho, he did many city visits and the crowd had gone out of control.

During one of his recent interviews, Salman said, “I don’t think we are doing city tours this time the fans get hurt. Later people raise issues at times just to get mileage from the situation. There are women, grandparents who get their grand children and God forbids something happens to them, it will be a problem. There are boys who chase our cars on bikes and some have even fallen from their bikes. So we want to avoid this as much as possible."

Another source says that Salman might have only press conferences to promote his film.

Courtesy: JPN/Mid-Day

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