Mumbai: The actor wants his action scenes several steps ahead, la 'Transporter' style, in his upcoming film. Since the time his Wanted provided a shot in the arm for single screen theatres a couple of years ago, we’ve seen Salman Khan doing larger than life action in his subsequent hits. The actor is now all set to do stunts similar to Jason Statham’s Transporter series, in his next, directed by Shirish Kunder.

And that’s why producer Sajid Nadiadwala is said to have roped in a stunt coordinator who has worked with Statham in his action films.

Reportedly, Philip Guegan, who coordinated the action in the first Transporter film, is believed to have been brought on board to direct the thrills for Salman.

It is learnt that this idea was suggested by Nadiadwala himself. A well-placed industry source tells us, “From the time Sajid acquired the rights to remake the south Indian hit, Kick in Hindi with Salman, he’s been thinking of ways to not only make it differently, but also take it to another level with the action sequence.

Elaborating on the action sequences, our source adds, “The idea is to have more realistic, raw and hardcore action, such that the viewer can comprehend what the baddies actually feel when Salman kicks or punches them.

Interestingly, larger than life elements will be a little more subtle than Salman’s shirt coming off in Dabangg and Bodyguard.” We tried contacting Nadiadwala, but he was unavailable for comment.