Mumbai: Taking pot-shots on each other, the two Khans of Bollywood- Salman and Aamir, recently amused the viewers by having discussions on marriage.

Recently, when asked about finding a suitable girl for his bachelor buddy Salman, Aamir said, "I will search a girl for Salman, but he has to assure me that he would marry her...and that there will be no further discussion on it."

When further quizzed if he would choose someone from the Hindi film industry, the perfectionist actor said, "First let him give me assurance that he will not say 'No' to that girl. I will tell about the girl to Salman once he agrees for this deal."

Earlier Aamir had said the only way to get Salman married is to tie his hands and take him directly to 'mandap'.

Salman was quick to retort, "Even I am going to tie his hands and ensure he does not get married again." Aamir has married twice.

Even on his birthday in March, Aamir had said he was waiting for his 45-year-old good friend and fellow superstar to tie the knot.

"I am waiting for Salman's wedding. I believe everyone is desperately waiting for his wedding. The day he gets married would be 'khaas' (special) for all of us. There are a lot of hasinas (good looking girls) around him. So he has a choice. Whenever I talk to Salman about wedding, he just smiles," Aamir had said.