Based on its conventional game-plan, RLD depends majorly on Jat, Gujjar, Muslims, Rajputs to sustain its vote-share.

The recent communal clashes have come off as a major spoiler to RLD’s poll formula and the rift between Jats and Muslims have sent after-effects of similar nature to other communities as well.
RLD, which claims to represent Muslims in a significant manner in the Western UP is finding its’ political equations out of sorts.

Shahid Manzoor, an MLA from Kithore area of Meerut and Labour Minister has been promoted to the Cabinet rank. Besides elevating Sambhal MLA and Minister of State for Food Processing Iqbal Mahmood, Amroha MLA and Transport Minister Mehboob Ali to the Cabinet rank, the Samajwadi Party has also given minister of state status to a number of Muslim leaders. This has heavily dented the overall poll calculation of RLD.

Masood family’s association with the SP is going to benefit the Mulayam Singh Yadav-led party in significant manner. In fact, SP’s moves in recent times have made the party’s affinity towards Muslims come out in open. In such a scenario, it would be difficult for the RLD to keep its Muslim vote-share intact.

Tourism Department Advisor with minister of state rank Rafiq Ansari believes that the RLD, like Congress, has used Muslims as mere vote-banks.

The RLD will start working on its poll strategy and vote-gaining tactics after the Kisan rally in Meerut and the party is slogging out hard, leaving no stone unturned to make its January 30 rally in Agra a major success.


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