Lucknow: Supporting Anna Hazare's campaign against corruption, Samajwadi Party Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav on Saturday said some amendments were needed in the government's version of Lokpal Bill.
"SP was the first party to extend support to Anna's campaign as we had been protesting against corruption and price rice for a long time. He has created ripples in the country," Mulayam told reporters here.
The SP supremo said that corruption was the root cause of price rise in the country.
"While thousand tonnes of foodgrain is rotting in the open area, people are committing suicide due to starvation," he said.
On the issue of Lokpal Bill, he said that some amendments were needed in the draft.
SP spokesman Mohan Singh said that the party was in favour of getting the bill passed with certain amendments.
"We want that bureaucracy up to the lowest level should come under the ambit of Lokpal. Besides, it should monitor the activities of the elected representatives outside the house," he said.
Singh, however, said that the party was not in favour of bringing judiciary under the purview of Lokpal as its independence should be maintained.
"Whatever action had happened in the recent past whether against Kalmadi or Raja it was only due to the cognizance taken by the Supreme Court," he said.
He said that the party was also not in favour of bringing Prime Minister under the scrutiny of Lokpal.
"The PM is accountable towards the Parliament. If he would be made responsible towards some another person then a constitutional amendment would be needed which is a serious matter," he said.
He said that executive at higher level should not be brought under the ambit of Lokpal as it would lead to anarchy in the country.
"If such things happen then everyday there would be an application against the PM and demand of removing him will start surfacing. This will create instability," the SP leader said.
He said that there was no logic on making comments of Jan Lokpal Bill of Anna Hazare as it was not in the parliament for consideration.
On Anna Hazare's campaign, he said that in democracy people have right to speak.
"When Anna Hazare was arrested, SP opposed the move and whenever an effort is made to curb his voice we would protest," Singh said.