Kanpur: Samajwadi Party workers on Thursday held up an Express train for some time near the railway station and burnt effigy of Union Minister Beni Prasad Verma to protest his remarks against their chief Mulayam Singh Yadav.
Around 24 SP workers led by local leader Jnanesh Mishra came on the tracks and stopped the Janata Express a few minutes after it had left the Kanpur Railway Station. They blackened the face of Verma's effigy and then burnt it, saying they would not let him enter the state.
Government Railway Police DSP Surendra Tiwari said the train was held up for no more than a few minutes since railway police had promptly arrived to drive the protestors away. He said the protesters had not caused any damage to railway property and no passengers were harmed or harassed beyond the delay due to the stir.
The DSP said they were looking into the matter and would arrest any persons involved in the demonstration. Meanwhile, Mishra told reporters that Verma had insulted the SP chief and demanded that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh remove him from the Cabinet for his remarks.
The Union steel minister has expressed regret for the comments attributed to him against Mulayam Singh after being ticked off by the Congress leadership, at a time when the 21-member party's support is crucial for the government in the wake of DMK pullout.


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