The social media generation has paved way for variegated messaging applications that transcend the global barriers to connect people without incurring hefty costs.      

Although, ChatON application is officially available in more than 120 countries in 62 languages, but still the pushed in service is finding it hard to strive against other well liked Android applications and hence its  unpopularity amongst the users had called for its doomsday.

ChatON will be reportedly discontinued in all markets except US from February 2015 onwards. The pre-positioned factor of the messaging service has immensely contributed to the populace of 100 million subscribers of the application. Other instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Hike, BBM and Line are getting more positive response.

Unlike ChatON, the orange service is available on several mobile platforms including Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android, iOS and more and can also be accessed via web client. It's ability to recall messages, you can create animated messages and location sharing feature make it more attractive and accessible.
Before the application ChatON closes, Samsung will allow the users to back up their data.