In terms of design and body the iPhone 5S sports a more solid built than Galaxy S4 and is available in classy colour options such as silver, space gray and gold. The Galaxy S4 on the other hand is made out of plastic material which makes it lighter. However, all in all the iPhone 5s is being the better looking device.

When it comes to display, Samsung Galaxy S4 wins the race. Samsung Galaxy S4 sports a larger and sharper screen as compared to the brighter LCD of Apple which makes internet experience better on the phone. Ebook experience and video viewing experience are better enjoyed on Galaxy S4 than on iPhone 5S.

In terms of user interface and software features the Galaxy S4 offers options such as split screen multitasking along with various customization offers, which keeps it a step ahead of iPhone.

Since Galaxy S4 runs on Googles Android operating system it gives the user flexibility to customize their phone as per their desires. The iPhone 5 on the other hand guarantees the user you an emotionally satisfying experience with an almost zero learning curve.