"With launch of Galaxy J2, we now have 17 devices across segments - mass, medium and premium - including tablets on the 4G platform. The onus is on us to propel the demand for 4G," the company's mobile business director, Manu Sharma said here.

With the advent of various mobile applications and the expansion of e-commerce, he said a lot of 2G consumers would be leapfrogging to 4G.

"We feel a new ecosystem will be built around 4G, catering to new services like video on demand or streaming on demand. Moreover, it comes at the same price as 3G, so it is being lapped up. Our commitment will be across the segments including feature phones, but yes, our focus will be 4G," added Sharma.

The J2, which comes with a new feature - the 'ultra data saving' mode that enables saving data consumption up to 50 percent, will hit the market on September 21.