Samsung said in a statement that Koh Dongjin, executive vice president in charge of mobile R&D, was promoted to president of its mobile division to take over day-to-day operations from his predecessor Shin Jong Kyun, Xinhua reported.

Shin will remain as head of the overall mobile division, but he will step back from day-to-day operations to focus on the long-term business strategy, the company said. Koh contributed to developing Samsung's solutions and services such as Samsung Pay and KNOX when in charge of mobile R&D, according to the statement.

It marked the second annual reshuffle of Samsung Group since Vice Chairman Lee Jae Yong took the actual helm following his father Lee Kun Hee's hospitalisation for heart attack in May 2014.The  leader made little changes in last year's annual reshuffle, apparently seeking stability in the group's management in the absence of Chairman Lee.

This year's move of the helm of smartphone operations, Samsung's main cash-cow, from 59-year-old Shin to 54-year-old Koh may indicate a generational shift like the management transfer from Chairman Lee to his son Jae Yong.