According to a newspaper daily, when a man was shot during an argument, the Galaxy Mega smartphone stopped the bullet from reaching his chest and saved his life.

The incident apparently took place in the Xinjiang region of northwest China. Slashgear. 

The event took place when a man dropped his wallet in a restaurant. The one who picked it up allegedly made a joke about keeping the money to buy himself some liquor. Peculiarly, the joke turned into a heated argument turned into a scene of chaos with one of the men pulling out a gun and the other, a knife.

During the scuffle, the gun-owner pulled the trigger to fire. The bullet went on to hit his chest, before being blocked by his Galaxy Mega 6.3, which he kept in his shirt pocket. The victim survived after getting hurt on his arm and was taken to the hospital by some of the on-lookers.

It is worth mentioning that, Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is an Android phone with a large 6.3-inch display which was released last year.