New Delhi: Korean consumer durables major Samsung on Wednesday introduced 60 new products across all categories in India with a target of achieving a 40 per cent jump in sales to USD 4.9 billion in the country by year-end.

The company also said it is expanding its portfolio across all categories with special focus on pushing products with more advanced technologies, such as smart TVs, 3D televisions, Blu-ray players and its Galaxy Tabs.

"We expect a growth of 40 per cent in sales this year in India. This will be over USD 3.5 billion, which we did last year," Samsung West Asia Operations President and CEO Jung Soo Shin told reporters here. The strategy for the region is to strengthen market leadership while identifying new opportunities, he added.

Samsung on Wednesday introduced around 35 new models of television, expanding its 3D range. It also introduced advanced version of Galaxy Tab, which it is planning to introduce in June this year. Besides it has brought a new range of cameras, refrigerator and washing machine among others totaling to 60 new products.

With more products being introduced, Shin, who is also President and CEO of Samsung India, said the company "will establish an optimum distribution network and additional emphasise on our flagship products and customer marketing activities".

Asked about the company's budget on marketing the new range this year, Zutshi said every year Samsung India spends around 3-4 per cent of the total revenue various marketing initiatives.