Bangkok: Days are gone when the facilities available in your Television set were confined to providing you access to a number of TV programmes while browsing the TV channels. Now, the leading TV manufacturer Samsung offers you the most innovative options of internet surfing and teleconferencing in their soon-to-be launched Smart TVs. Samsung electronics has already planned launching of its Smart TVs into the Indian market. The smart TVs will also offer you the facilities to control its functioning through your voice.

This Smart LED TV from Samsung will be available in Indian market in the next few weeks. In the South-West Asia forum held in Bangkok, Samsung has announced launch of 50 new products across all categories like Smart Television, Galaxy Tab2, Samsung Notebook Series 9, Low energy consuming AC and Refrigerator, Mobile Phone, Washing Machine and Series 9 Monitor.
Samsung’s premium product Smart LED TV will be available in the sizes range of 55 inches to 75 inches. The USP of the product is that it can be used without remote control. It will be having the capability to recognize the user’s voice. Functions like channel browsing, volume operation and power on/off will be controlled through the user’s voice. It is not only the voice but the smart TVs will be able to identify the users as well. Smart TV will be having in-built camera and microphone.

Samsung ES 8000 LED TV would be having the capability to share the contents stored in other devices. Contents stored in mobiles and tablets can be transferred to the TV and further it can be shared online.  Company has declared its launch in India but the price is yet to be announced. However, Samsung’s audio video head Rajkumar Rishi has estimated the price of a 75 inch Smart TV to be around Rs 2,60,000 in India.