The Iris scanner is one of the most highlightedss feature in Galaxy Note 7. Here is the way the Iris Scanner works in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 provides different experience to users.     
The part of the eye which determines the colour of eyes is known as Iris. Every eye is different from other. Even the two eyes of a person hold different iris patterns.

The iris scanner not only takes the picture of the eyes to compare against what it has on records. The process starts with the beam of near-infrared light directed at eye. Such type of light is considered to be better than visible light as it exposes the iris pattern, clearly.  This process makes it easy for camera to capture the eye.

Infrared light allows the iris scanner to function even in the dark. The beam is not blocked by Prescription glasses and contact lenses. The software translates the iris pattern into code after capturing image. The code is compared when the user tries to match his/her iris pattern with stored iris pattern.

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