New Delhi: After much speculation, Samsung has finally unveiled Galaxy SIV, the latest addition to its S4 smart phone series. The device that Samsung claims to be revolutionary seems to be the vision of the Korean manufacturer to create a single gadget that hosts many properties. This will be the first smartphone of its kind with feature of zoom camera. It is expected to go down well with the customers having interest in photography.  

The new product features a 16 megapixel rear-facing camera with 10x optical zoom. The zoom feature, much like a DSLR camera, is activated by twisting the lens or the ‘zoom ring’. The zoom ring also performs series of functions, such as photo sharing and filter selection, which makes the device easy to use and provides speedy access to these facilities.

Galaxy SIV also comes with an array of features and applications that help the user to fashion the best images in varied conditions, along with creating and sharing albums.

However, when it comes to the appearance of the smart phone, it would be a disappointment for many who are used to sleek and light weight smartphones. The front view of the phone mirrors the features of any other Galaxy S4, however, when looked at from the flip side the phone appears like a Samsung Galaxy camera.


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