The court ruled yesterday that two Apple patents at issue were not valid, according to a copy of the decision posted online.
'We are delighted with the resounding victory from the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which found that two of Apple's patents should never have been issued,' Samsung said in a statement.
'Today's decision is a win for consumer choice and puts competition back where it belongs - in the marketplace, not in the courtroom.'
Apple originally filed the suit against Samsung in early 2012, accusing the South Korean consumer electronics giant of infringing on an array of patents related to smartphones.

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Samsung denied it had done anything wrong and filed a countersuit saying that Apple had infringed on some of its patents.
The number of patents involved was whittled down during the lengthy litigation process. Three Apple patents and two Samsung patents were at issue in the appeal ruled yesterday.
Apple had sought some USD 2.2 billion at trial, only to have a jury award the California-based company USD 119.6 million.