The messaging service which was launched in October 2011 enjoys steady growth in regions including India, China and the United States, according to the company. According to Samsung one of ChatON’s winning features is its internationalization, supporting 63 languages all over the world. It plans to launch 13 more languages by the end of this year.

ChatON is a global mobile communication service introduced by Samsung Electronics.  Users can invite and register friends through Facebook and Twitter and share ChatON content on Facebook. The messaging app’s unique features are allowing users to create Animation messages which the recipient can watch, broadcast to send personal notices in a group chat room, and the Trunk which stores media files shared in chats.

It also sports an easy drag and drop feature which allows users to drag and drop of images and links while using multi window capable devices. The service is, however not limited to Samsung devices alone. ChatON can also be installed on Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone device, as well as on PCs.