"ChatON Version 3.5 is available on all major operating systems-- Android, Apple's iOS, Windows and Blackberry—from today and for use across different kinds of devices. Users need not pay for it at present," Samsung director, Media Solutions Centre, South West Asia, Tarun Malik said in Delhi.
He said the company may think of monetising 'ChatON' in the future depending on company's policy but at present there is no such plan.

"In the latest version, we have added many new features. It will allow users to share a file with a size of up to 1GB, the largest allowed by any instant messaging platform and the same can be send to 1,001 users at one-go," he said.
Samsung did not disclose the number of users ChatON has in India, but said it has 200 million subscribers globally. The company has added a message translation feature that can facilitate people speaking different languages to chat with each other.
"ChatON is also India's first messaging application to feature English-to-Hindi and Hindi-to-English instant translation feature. Version 3.5 has also introduced a local language translation feature for incoming messages, which supports 14 Indian languages," Malik said.
Samsung has integrated SMS mode, video and voice over internet calling feature in the new version as well. ChatOn 3.5 also will provide access to content from various genres like news, entertainment, games, health and others through multiple devices and platforms.