Sana, a former Bigg Boss contestant, said that Salman has been biased towards Daisy Shah, leading lady of Jai Ho, and he gives extra attention to the latter when it comes to promoting the two ladies.

During an interview with an English daily Sana alleged that from the start of Jai Ho’s promotion to the release of the movie, Salman has given first preference to Daisy.

“After watching the film I was surprised to see the length of my role. I thought that the storyline would revolve around me, but that was not the case. My role was nothing but a cameo,” she said.

Sana said that Daisy was visible in the posters and trailer of the film, while she was sidelined.

“In spite of being an important part of the film, the media attention was totally shifted to Daisy,” she said.

According to media grapevine, Sana had sacrificed important television offer for Jai Ho and she is regretting her decision of accepting the movie because it has not helped her anyway.


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