Prior to this departure, his family members, including wife Manyata, bid him a tearful farewell at his Bandra home. Dutt briefly addressed the media and expressed his unhappiness over the controversy erupting each time he got furlough.

"Every prisoner is entitled to it and so am I. The authorities have done nothing wrong. They are doing it within the legal framework," he said. He castigated the media for accusing the government and jail authorities of meting out partial treatment to Dutt vis-a-vis others.

"I am also a common man. I respect the media and you should also respect me," he commented before boarding his vehicle. Dutt's latest furlough of 14 days ended Thursday, but he did not return to the jail as the decision on his extension application of Dec 27 was pending. Meanwhile, he continued to live with his family for the past three days.

On Thursday, Dutt, 55, flew to Pune and went up to jail, spent a few hours in the vicinity of the prison and later returned home in Mumbai. The development followed a confusion created by the utterances of some officials that it was not necessary for him to go back to jail till a decision was taken on his application for an extension. Questions have been raised from several quarters about the repeated furloughs granted to the actor, including the latest 14-day leave which saw him attending a special show of the latest Aamir Khan megahit, 'PK', and celeb parties, while exhibiting his new set of eight abs built up in prison.

Earlier, Dutt was released on furlough in October 2013 for two weeks on health reasons, followed by a similar leave in December 2013 to tend to his ailing wife, Maanyata, attracting charges of favouritism. In February last year, the Bombay High Court had commented on the diligence in granting the actor's requests for furlough which was not visible in case of other convicts who applied for leave.


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