Mumbai: Sanjay Dutt was injured on the sets of ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’ while shooting for an action sequence. The actor had been propped up with cable wires for a fight scene. His co-stars Arshad Warsi and Vivek Oberoi were also present.

Says Dutt, "I am fine now but it was one scary experience." A little after the shoot had begun on Monday, one of the wires slid. As a result he had to bear the impact on his right shoulder.

The cables were tied around the actor's hands, and while taking a plunge one of the wires slipped. It badly peeled his skin near his shoulder and also resulted in a blood clot.

The crew members rushed to extricate him. But by that time he had felt the impact and the clot had developed. As it happened so suddenly, it took the actor by shock. He was in great pain. The actor later resumed shooting for the flick.