A team of four doctors, who paid a visit to the jail on Saturday, conducted a regular health check-up of the actor. One of the doctors who conducted the check-up said that the actor is suffering from Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) due to which blood supply to both legs has got reduced, and hence he’s facing difficulty while walking -- something that Dutt has been complaining of in recent days.

It seems excessive smoking and high blood pressure have taken a toll on Sanjay Dutt’s health. On doctors’ advice, the jail authorities might shift the actor to Mumbai's JJ Hospital to get the necessary tests done.


“The condition may have occurred due to excessive smoking and high blood pressure. Dutt has been complaining that he cannot walk swiftly due to pain,” a doctor said. He added Dutt was suffering from the same ailment while in Yerawada Jail in 2010. Considering the pain he’s experiencing the doctors have advised the authorities to get him tested.

Tests needed
According to sources, jail authorities have sent a proposal to the government seeking permission to shift him to JJ Hospital in Mumbai, as Sassoon General Hospital doesn’t have the facility to conduct CT angiogram/arterial angiography. Doctors say the tests will reveal the severity of the problem. When contacted, Medical Superintendent of Sassoon General Hospital DG Kulkarni said, “While CT angiogram isn’t available in our hospital, the machines required to perform arterial angiography aren’t working due to unavailability of some parts,” he said.

‘No such plan’
However, Yerawada Jail Superintendent Yogesh Desai said that Dutt’s medical check-up was a part of a routine. “I have no idea if he is suffering from such an ailment. Besides, there are no plans to send him to JJ Hospital for any tests or surgery,” he said. Speaking to MiD DAY, Dutt’s lawyer Rizwan Merchant said, “Neither do I have any idea about the ailment, nor do I know if he would be brought to JJ Hospital for any test.”

What is PAD?
Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a condition caused by the narrowing of arteries. It mainly occurs in arteries that supply blood and get congested due to plaque (plak) build up. Plaque comprises fat, cholesterol, calcium, fibrous tissue, and other substances in the blood.  According to doctors, there are chances of formation of collateral veins to regularize blood supply. If the collateral veins don’t form, then one needs to undergo surgery to remove blockage. In extreme cases, if surgery is not done, then the patient may get gangrene.


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