Mumbai: Sanjay Dutt, is said to be taking RGV's advice on how to keep Trishala out of Bollywood!
After 14 years of working together in Daud, Sanjay Dutt and Ram Gopal Varma seem to be bonding again on the sets of their upcoming film Department.

An insider associated with the film reveals that the actor is confiding in the filmmaker about how to keep his daughter Trishala away from movies.

Dutt has always maintained that he doesn't want his daughter to venture into acting.

Elaborating on this, a source says, "Sanjay is quite worried about Trishala. He wants her to pursue her career in forensic science having got her degree in the US and also worked with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). And since he knows that Ramu's also managed to keep his daughter Revathi away from the film industry, Sanjay's consulting him to be able to manage the same vis- -vis Trishala, albeit without hurting her."

As far as possible

For the uninitiated, Ramu's daughter Revathi practises medicine. "She's a doctor and interning in Hyderabad," revealed our source, adding that likewise, Sanjay too wants to ensure that his daughter stays as far away from the industry as possible.

Not that Sanjay is against the industry. He attributes this thought to a rule laid down by his father, the late Sunil Dutt. In the past, he had said, "Dad never wanted any of our family girls to be in the film industry, so it's the same with my sisters and their daughters. I want to keep that going."
About his plans for his daughter he had said, "If she has worked hard to pass with good grades and worked with the FBI, then she must further her career in it."

Recalling her decision to study criminal law, Dutt had said, "Back then, she had said that the reason she wanted to study criminal law was that she didn't want innocent people like me to suffer. I was very touched by that thought. Besides, it's a big thing to work with the FBI."