New Delhi: In yet another revelation about Nehru-Gandhi family, Transparency watchdog WikiLeaks has once again claimed that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s younger son Sanjay Gandhi was targeted thrice in Uttar Pradesh during emergency in 1976.

WikiLeaks dispatches said that according to the US intelligence report, Sanjay had been attacked by unknown assailants on August 30-31, 1976 during his visit to Uttar Pradesh. However, the US cable didn’t reveal the name of assailants. Sanjay had narrowly escaped the assassination attempt, mentioned the cable.

However, Janata Party, which stormed to power at the Centre after emergency, didn’t mention any attempt to kill Sanjay. Whereas, US Intelligence Department in its report sent to Ministry of External Affairs had mentioned about it, said the dispatches. The cable states that Sanjay was targeted by revolutionary elements sponsored by outside powers.

Sanjay was killed in a plane crash in New Delhi on June 23, 1980 soon after Congress returned to power. Sanjay’s early death was the reason behind his elder brother Rajiv’s sudden entry into politics.


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